Supercharge Your SEO in 18 Months

Business Sector: Real Estate Investment
Website Type: Lead Generation


Read time: 5 minutes.
Suitable for: Beginners/anyone looking to improve their online results. 

Service provided: Partner programme

From the kitchen table to office in the city, how SEO supercharged this local property business

In order to grow, a business must have leads. But, what if you’re invisible to a whole host of potential clients? Here’s how we helped a leading UK property expert, our first partner, generate more leads from their website, encourage conversions and enhance their online presence.

Client Overview

Our client is a leading UK property cash buyer based in South Wales. Their ethos is to provide a quick and easy 7-day house buying service their clients can trust. Providing a niche (but extremely valuable) service, they help people who are looking to safely sell their home for cash, quickly.

The Challenge

The client was experiencing a stalemate and not attracting leads online. Their website and branding were out of date, which meant they weren’t getting the leads they needed to grow their business.

The Approach

The clients offering relies on the confidence of its customers, so their online presence needed to reflect this. They needed to attract the right, targeted audience, and also to signal to Google that they are indeed an authority in the sector. They wanted to showcase themselves as thought-leaders in their industry in order to drive qualified leads and increase targeted traffic and conversions.

Fishpool Marketing was recommended via referral and word of mouth.

The client was looking to work more closely with a smaller agency and was curious to learn about the SEO process. They’d previously worked with a large digital agency with ineffective results.

Initial planning and agreeing goals

Fishpool got to work researching the niche industry, key competitors and conducted thorough audience audits. Creating a research-based audience persona was key to this process. We recognised that the client’s audience often also use sites like Airbnb, Purple Bricks and We Buy Any Car, and so built the new site based on an experience the persona would recognise.

In the initial planning stages, face-to-face meetings and Skype calls kept the client updated. The research was then fed back to the client in full, and they were taken through the proposed solution step-by-step.

This approach ensured the client was fully aware of the work that was being done and that they were engaged throughout the process. With the client engaged and ready to assist, learn and grow, we agreed the main goals be to:

Improve traffic, conversion rate, thought-leadership and branding.

Let us help you reach your business goals online

what did we actually do?

To ensure we achieved the set goals, we got to work on:

The Solution

Redeveloping the site, including organic search rankings (SEO) and user experience (UX)

Repositioning the client as an industry-recognised leader

Redeveloping the brand, including on social media

Optimising the site for mobile, where a huge 70% of their traffic now comes from

Note: the client was keen not to lose previous efforts, so we redeveloped old areas of the site where possible.

How we did it

It was crucial to get the audience to recognise the site as an authority both in the client’s niche service and industry as a whole.

1. Google also needed to recognise this in order to rank the site for the key terms.

To achieve this we developed a property blog where industry topics and advice are discussed in detail. This allowed us to showcase the client’s knowledge, and get lots of relevant keywords and content on the site. This is also a highly useful tool for clients and visitors to the site.

2. The site also needed to be optimised for mobile, so as part of the solution we created custom quick-loading landing pages that were simple and familiar to the targeted audience.

3. We built a custom website using a bootstrap framework, developed with responsive HTML5 and CSS3 components.

Key stats: January 2016 to October 2017

Within 18 months, we saw something incredible happen.
We also recorded a 55% increase in keyword ranking visibility (from 13% to 67%) and a huge 300% increase in organic sessions (from around 75 per month to 400+). The site’s bounce rate reduced from 90% to 35% too, which confirms the site optimisation and targeting is reaching the right audience for the niche client service.

We also got featured in Feedspot’s Top 100 Property Websites and Blogs For Real Estate Industry Pros thanks to our top blog with useful, ranking content.

As an added bonus, the new thought-leadership video content we commissioned gained 160,000+ views on YouTube. The client is talking, and people are now listening.

Real-life Results

So we’ve shown you the stats and the graphs. We know the numbers speak for themselves. But, what about in real life? What’s really changed for the business in the past 18 months? And how are they managing all these new leads?!

First things first, this (previously) one-man-band operation has increased to a strong team of five. They’ve moved from their kitchen-based office to a rented space in the city.

leads! Fishpool Marketing has since implemented a new CRM system to manage new leads effectively. It has custom features that work for the client, like SMS notifications, custom workflows and integrates with their other systems.

The client now boasts a strong digital presence, great rankings, a site that matches their industry leadership and a new lead generation platform that WORKS.

And the best bit? The team can now focus solely on what they do best; providing an unrivalled service and amazing insider knowledge to their many clients!

On-going Support

What did we learn from this project?

The client is still with us and they continue to work as a close team with Fishpool for all their digital needs.

A big takeaway for Fishpool is that our approach and ethos of working closely with clients WORKS. We’re all about teamwork and involving our clients in the process, communicating well and coming up with marketing ideas that drive those supercharged results.

As you can see from the case study, the client has given Fishpool a chance to prove their lead generation tactics in a niche market, which can be applied to many other industries. What about yours?

Want to learn how we can help supercharge your business? Connect with Rachel via LinkedIn, or drop her a line on She’ll be happy to talk things through and see if we can help your business grow.